Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Practical Considerations

According to Christiansen & Townsend (2004), practical considerations influence how we engage in our activities or occupations. It is the supply of objects or tools necessary to effectively perform and engage in our occupations.

In light of this quote I can see that the fit between my activity of cooking and the influences practical considerations have on cooking are a considerable factor. This afternoon I decided to make a bacon and egg pie for dinner, simple and delicious. I was trying to get my ingredients together and find the filo pastry in the freezer however this simple task turned out to be not so simple. My four family members were all in the kitchen rummaging around making their own food for their afternoon tea, making it extremely difficult to prepare my bacon and egg pie. The practical consideration within this was the size of our kitchen. There was not enough room for us all to be in there and this influenced my cooking and attitude toward my cooking. We all tried to stick to a part of the kitchen each and pass each other utensils we each needed to allow for a relaxed kitchen experience. We were running low on baking dishes and cutlery as they had not been cleaned from the night before. This was a practical consideration I did not like the look of and was not surprised about. Dishes in our house are one thing everybody puts off until it ultimately needs to be done. Once I had washed up and put the pie in the oven I was able to clean up the mess I had made while preparing it. Thank god for dishwashers!


Christiansen, C. & Townsend, E. (2004). Introduction to Occupation: The Art and Science of Living. New Jersey: Pearson Education Inc.

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  1. Hi Laura,

    I really enjoyed reading your post regarding the practical considerations when you are cooking. I no exactly what you mean about having too many people in the kitchen at once it can get very frustrating - I have experienced it many times :).

    There are a few minor spelling mistakes in your last paragraph e.g. "we were running low on baking dishes and cutlery as they had (no)- (not?) been cleaned". It is so easy to make typo's on these blogs with no spelling check :P